Just kidding… this site is more or less just a harmless Random Access Dump of my thoughts and experiences as an IT Engineer, and Data Engineering Student, interrupted by some of my amateur doodles now and then.


  • Shiny App on R Studio

    Shiny App on R Studio

    I totally enjoyed creating this web app, especially the design part. It’s very easy to incorporate a theme with Shiny Themes. I chose the Cerulean theme because it looked simple and clean, and I’m very partial to blue. I was also considering to make use of Fontawesome icons but was constrained with time.

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  • TFLite Deployment on iOS and Android

    TFLite Deployment on iOS and Android

    I managed to learn to understand what’s going on in the SwiftUI Code, create a sample application other than the Tensorflow App to familiarize myself with it, and finally build and deploy the application on several iPhones after a couple of weeks (minus the 5 hours I spend on my week-day classes). So, it’s not really that difficult, if you’re coming from Java, like myself.

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  • The SAGA Begins…

    The SAGA Begins…

    My last work experience as a Full-Stack Software Engineer for a CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) application was my very first exposure to Machine Learning. Although, in this job, I was not entirely exposed to the Data Science part and Model Learning part, it piqued my interest and got me curious about the technology. In the […]

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