The SAGA Begins…

My last work experience as a Full-Stack Software Engineer for a CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) application was my very first exposure to Machine Learning. Although, in this job, I was not entirely exposed to the Data Science part and Model Learning part, it piqued my interest and got me curious about the technology.

In the early days of the project, I mostly spent enhancing the front end and adding some new modules and pages. The most challenging bit for me was creating the Replay Module where the user can choose to select dates to replay the vehicles’ (airplanes and others) positions on the map. The user can also choose the replay speed and can jump to a specific time in the replay.

What I also found enjoyable was using QGIS, leaflet and Open Layers to design the maps of the airports. It kinda gave me a welcome break from the monotony of coding, and flex my creative muscles a bit.

All the technologies I’ve used in this application were new to me, except for Java. It was my first exposure to REST API, react.js, typescript, MongoDB, Wildfly, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Python, Nginx, etc. Even the spoken language of the people around me (French) was new to me. I always like to delve into new things, and continue learning. This is the whole point of tech.

During the last few months of my stay in the job, we ventured into Video Analytics and Machine Learning using YOLO Darknet. I was not so much exposed with the ML part, as I have previously mentioned. I was helping with the labeling and transformation of the frames into images, and vice-versa for testing, and also streaming the videos on the screen.

I did not really decide right after my COVID-induced cessation from this job to automatically update my skills on Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence (the Master’s Degree I am taking now). I had a full year to think about it, actually.

I thought at first of maybe becoming an entrepreneur, or a full-time artist (I like to paint and take photos). But then, after much deliberation, I realized I could not really completely close the door on IT after 20 years just like that. And so I thought of upgrading myself, having the luxury of time I never had before (thanks to COVID). At first I thought about taking up a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security. But I later realized, it’s not my thing. Also, that YOLO guy’s CV really made an impression on me. And so, here I am. And here we are.

Thanks for reading.

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