Shiny App on R Studio

R Studio is really new to me. We had a full-week five-hour daily course on this. Of course the core language is Python, but it’s super pumped with a lot of scientific libraries for manipulating and visualizing datasets.

The subject is actually called, R for Big Data. During this time, I was quite busy multitasking doing the TFLite iOS Deployment whilst quasi-listening to the class. The truth is, I had to re-watch most of the class recordings to be able to create this Shiny App and publish it online.

One of the things that got me really struggling on this app is first of all, my unfamiliarity with manipulating datasets. I struggled a lot on this part — cleaning up the data, removing unnecessary ones, reshaping it several times to get the results (tables, graphs and map) I want. We were using the AirBnB Listings of Paris from 2009-2016 for our dataset, btw.

Another thing was the map module that I included, but was not really required. I just wanted to do something extra. Plus, I was kinda missing leaflet, which was something I used to use a lot in my previous job. I have a love-hate relationship with it. But it’s mostly love, especially when I see the end result on the screen. 😀

I was using javascript before, not R. So, it was more challenging. There was this issue where the pop-ups don’t clear when I change some filter category. I spent a whole day trying to fix this until Google finally had mercy on me, and showed me this page: Apparently, it was a known unfixed issue. Lesson learned, next time, check on the Github issues first before Stackoverflow.

Btw, here is the code that helped me to add pop-ups on the map when I click on the marker, in case you’re interested.

I totally enjoyed creating this web app, especially the design part. It’s very easy to incorporate a theme with Shiny Themes. I chose the Cerulean theme because it looked simple and clean, and I’m very partial to blue. I was also considering to make use of Fontawesome icons but was constrained with time.

Speaking of time constraint, I was not really able to make some Scientific comments and more interesting graphs. I did manage to make interactive tables, graphs and a bonus map. So, I’m quite happy with how the app turned out.

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